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Great massage therapist

I tweaked my back this past summer and a friend referred me to Dawn. Right away she went to work and found some issues in my knee and lower back along with the numbness in my foot. Five months later and all of those issues are gone. Totally fixed! Dawn is a legit massage therapist for sure! I see her once a month for maintenance and feel amazing.

She's the best

I first started seeing Dawn approximately five months ago. At that time my sciatica was inflamed to such a point that I wasn't able to stand up straight, and move around without severe pain. In addition to this, I was receiving spinal injections to alleviate the pain associated with an old back injury that had required surgery to repair. Now, after five months of regular treatments I am virtually pain free, standing up straight, and walking with an ease I haven't felt in years, oh and, I'm no longer getting those injections. If you're suffering, and in pain of any kind I wouldn't hesitate any longer to call and set up an appointment to start a comprehensive treatment program to deal with your difficulties, you WON'T be disappointing!

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