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What an improvement!!

Over the past 10 years I have been a patient/client of several different physical therapists and two chiropractors. It all started with extreme neck and lower back pain, along with sciatica. I received some help (relief) from physical therapy, but only in "bits and pieces"! I started once a week for one hour with Dawn about 7 or 8 months ago. The freedom from pain and discomfort has been amazing! Dawn appears to know every muscle in my body and finds "trigger points" that hurt, and I never knew were there until I started seeing Dawn! The curve in my spine at my neck caused headaches and muscle spasms which took place almost every day. That is now completely healed through Dawn's massage therapy! When I received my first massage my body was so stiff that almost everything in my back was immovable, causing pain and muscle spasms. I'm very thankful for Dawn's knowledge and professional approach, along with relief from much pain!
Charles E. Guest

My Chronic Pain of over ten years (since 2004) has been brought under control by Dawn, she is truly a Miracle-Worker!

I have had several accidents over the years, when I was 14 in 1972, I was in Ocean City, NJ and went to do a shallow-dive into a large incoming-wave. My intention was to land just below the water's surface. Little did I know it was much shallower where I dove than I had anticipated! I ended up hitting the top of my forehead on the sandy-bottom which, in turn, snapped my head downward, nearly breaking my neck. I lay face-down in the water for quite a few seconds, I believe I was partially in shock! I remember lying there thinking to myself that I must pull myself out of the water! I couldn't move my head without excruciating Cervical Spine pain. We had to drive the 100 or so miles back home so I could go to Abington Hospital to have my neck X-Rayed. Back then, the doctor told me he couldn't see anything, however, he did say that as I get older, I might start to have neck pain and associated problems. Another accident when I was training a horse to ride back around 1992 or so, in full-gallop, the saddle shifted down on the left, sending me head-first (off a 14.5 hand-tall) Arabian Horse onto the field, my left shoulder being pushed downwardly and my head snapping violently to the right, my right ear nearly implanted into my right shoulder. Add many years of hard, heavy work in my Renovation Company, Guest Renovations, replacing building foundations and rotted beams and I began to have left chest wall stabbing pain starting around 2004, when I was 48. I have seen literally all manner of doctors, had left shoulder surgery at DHMC in 2005 and, still no matter what I did, the pain nearly constantly felt like I was having a heart attack. In fact, I went to the ER on many occasions just to be sure this acute, stabbing pain wasn't a heart attack! I saw a cardiologist for several years who basically ruled-out heart attack and considered it to be mostly muscular-skeletal in nature. I've had over a dozen X-Rays and MRI's of my entire spine, my neck and left shoulder. Basically, no one could pinpoint just where this pain was originating. Simply put, I thought the rest of my life was limited to being based entirely around how my chest pain was doing! Any stress always made the pain worse. No medicine seemed to eliminate the pain, it was something nearly ALWAYS there. A family member who had been seeing Dawn suggested I see her. My first appointment was May 1, 2015, the second one was May 6th and the third one was May 13th. After the first appointment, I walked out a bit sore for about an hour afterward then noticed nearly immediately that the chest pain was gone, COMPLETELY GONE! I thought for a moment "this is too good to be true!" However, I continued to have total-relief from the chronic, acute stabbing chest wall pain, and even noticed relief from pain in my spine due to diagnosed degenerative arthritis of my spine. Do I still have pain? Yes, if I am not careful about pacing myself and/or if I let stress get to me, I have pain, but it seems to be more in other places and not so much in my left chest, whereas before May 1st, the worst pain was typically the stabbing left chest pain. This is still new to me, however, the results are, as far as I'm concerned a miracle! I am now seeing Dawn about every week so I don't lose any ground we've gained from the dreaded pain. Dawn is a Miracle-Worker, for sure!
Richard (Rick) Guest

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